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The present Act lays down provisions relating to provincial parks. Parks are established, and are to be maintained: a) for the preservation of Alberta’s natural heritage, b) for the conservation and management of flora and fauna, c) for the preservation of specified areas, landscapes and natural features and objects in them that are of geological, cultural, historical, archeological, anthropological, paleontological, ethnological, ecological or other scientific interest or importance, d) to facilitate their use and enjoyment for outdoor recreation, education and the appreciation and experiencing of Alberta’s natural heritage, and e) to ensure their lasting protection for the benefit of present and future generations. The Act consists of 32 sections as follows: Interpretation (1); Park administrative officers (2); Purposes of parks (3); Purposes of recreation areas (4); Acquisition of land (5); Establishment and classification of parks and recreation areas (6); Land outside a park or recreation area (7); Grant, renewal, withdrawal, etc., of dispositions (8); Unauthorized land use (9); Protection of land (10); Establishment of places of residence (11); Regulations (12); Ministerial orders (13); Control of roads and highways (14); Protection of roads and highways (15); Aircraft (16); Powers of conservation officers (17); Seizures (18); Entry and search without warrant (18); Emergencies (19); Seizures (20); Powers of park administrative officers (21); Contravention of dispositions, permissions and orders (22); False or misleading information (23), etc.

Implemented by: Provincial Parks (General) Regulation (Alta. Reg. 102/1985). (2012)
Implemented by: Provincial Parks (Dispositions) Regulation (Alta. Reg. 241/1977). (2013)
Implemented by: Section 7 Declaration Regulation (Alta. Reg. 195/2001). (2006)
Implemented by: Section 7 Declaration Regulation (Alta. Reg. 166/2011). (2012)

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