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Library Valuation Regulation 1967.

Valuation Regulation 1967.

Valuation Regulation 1967.

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This Regulation implements provisions of the Valuation Act 1967.The Regulation provides forms, prescribes fees and regulates some matters of miscellaneous character such as valuation rolls, secrecy and appeal under section 74 of the Act against a decision of the Valuer General. Forms are prescribed for, among other things: Certificate of Registration; Application for registration as a valuer; Oath and affirmation of office of registered valuer; Application for re-registration as a valuer, Valuation Roll; Application for a certificate of valuation or a certified copy of an extract of a Valuation Roll; Certified copy of particulars relating to the valuation of a parcel of land; Certificate of valuation; Valuation notice; Notice of an objection to a valuation; Notice of a decision on an objection; Notice of appeal; and Notice of intention to enter, inspect and examine.

Implements: Valuation Act 1967. (2006)

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Hupperts, Rudolph (CONSLEGB)

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