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Library Law on protection of cultural monuments.

Law on protection of cultural monuments.

Law on protection of cultural monuments.

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This Law regulates protection of cultural monuments as a part of cultural heritage. It shall be applicable to historical landscapes and individual territories such as parks and areas of historical, cultural and scientific value. The State or local governments, as well as natural persons and other legal persons may own cultural monuments in the Republic of Latvia. When recording the right of ownership in respect of immovable property that has been acknowledged as a cultural monument, an appropriate notation on limitations of rights shall be made in the Land Register. Such notation shall be made on the basis of a submission of the State Inspection for Heritage Protection. Land parcels on which cultural monuments are located shall be allotted for use or shall be acquired in accordance with procedures prescribed by legislative enactments regarding land only if the potential user or owner has been acquainted with the instructions on the utilisation and preservation of the relevant cultural monument.

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