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Library Emergency Powers Act (No. 28 of 1998).

Emergency Powers Act (No. 28 of 1998).

Emergency Powers Act (No. 28 of 1998).
An Act to empower the President to declare a state of emergency.

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This Act grants powers to the President of Fiji to proclaim a state of emergency in the whole or any part of the Fiji Islands.The President shall only proclaim an emergency on advice of the Cabinet. One of the reasons to proclaim an emergency is the occurrence of a natural disaster in respect of which the provisions of the Natural Disaster Management Act 1998 are inadequate. The Act also grants powers to the President to take, by Regulation, measures for the control of an emergency. Measures include: (a) the temporary acquisition or control of any land, building, undertaking, vehicle, ship or aircraft; (b) the harvesting of crops, exploitation of minerals or any other economic activity; (c) the maintenance of means of transportation by land, sea or air and the control of the transport of persons and resources; (d) control of harbours, ports and airports and the movement of ships and aircraft; and (e) the maintenance of water and power supplies.

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