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Library Planning and Development Act 2007.

Planning and Development Act 2007.

Planning and Development Act 2007.

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This Act makes provision for the planning of the Australian Capital Territory and the management of land in the Territory. The text of this Act consists of 467 sections which are divided into 15 Parts, i.e.: Preliminary (I); Object and important concepts (II); The planning and land authority and chief planning executive (II); The land development agency (IV); Territory plan (V); Planning strategy (VI); Development approvals (VII); Environmental impact statements and inquiries (VIII); Leases and licences (IX); Management of public land (X); Controlled activities (XI); Enforcement (XII);Review of decisions (XIII) Miscellaneous (XIV); Transitional Provisions (XV).The object of this Act is to provide a planning and land system that contributes to the orderly and sustainable development of the ACT consistent with the social, environmental and economic aspirations of the people of the ACT; and in accordance with sound financial principles. The Planning and Land Authority is established.

Implemented by: Planning and Development Regulation 2008. (2008-09-15)

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