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Library Distress for Rent (Bailiffs) Act 1933 (Cap. 76).

Distress for Rent (Bailiffs) Act 1933 (Cap. 76).

Distress for Rent (Bailiffs) Act 1933 (Cap. 76).
An Act relating to the appointment of bailiffs for the purposes of distress for rent.

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This Act prescribes that a person, other than a landlord or his or her attorney or the legal owner of a reversion, shall only act as bailiff to levy any distress for rent if authorized by a certificate of a certifying officer. A certificate may be general or apply to a particular distress or distresses. Any person, required by this Act to hold a certificate as a bailiff, who levies distress for rent without a certificate, shall be, without prejudice to any civil liability, liable to a specified fine.

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