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Library Regional Law No. 656-KZ “On protected areas”.

Regional Law No. 656-KZ “On protected areas”.

Regional Law No. 656-KZ “On protected areas”.
Закон Краснодарского края от 31 декабря 2003 г. N 656-КЗ "Об особо охраняемых природных территориях Краснодарского края" (с изменениями от 29 марта 2005 г. и 25 июля 2007 г.).

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This Regional Law regulates relations, originating in the sphere of organization, conservation and protection of protected areas with a view of conservation of unique and typical ecosystems and complexes, wild fauna and wild flora species, and control of changes in the state of biosphere. Protected areas shall be classified as follows: (a) natural parks; (b) nature monuments; (c) dendrological parks and botanical gardens; and (d) healthcare areas and spas. Protected areas shall be constituted by decision of the supreme executive body of the Regional Administration upon recommendation by the authorized state institution in the sphere of environmental protection. Protected areas shall be subject to mandatory registration in the State Register of protected areas. Natural parks shall have the status of recreational environmental protection institutions. Territory under natural parks shall be allotted thereto on condition of open-ended (permanent) land tenure.

Amended by: Regional Law No. 3129-KZ amending Regional Law No. 656-KZ “On protected areas”. (2015-03-04)

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