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This Act makes provision for the management, development and protection of the forest resources of The Bahamas and for related matters.The Act consist of 36 sections divided into 9 Parts: Preliminary (I); Administration (II); Forest Reserves, Protected Forests and Conservation Forests (III); Protected Trees (IV); Leases, Licences and Permits (V); Forestry on Private Land (VI); Power of Officers (VII); Offences (VIII); Regulations (IX).The Act provides for the establisment of an agency in Government to be called the Forestry Unit. The Director of Forestry shall, subject to the directions of the Minister, be responsible for the administration of this Act and the administration of the Forestry Unit and carry out various specified functions relating to the management, conservation, control and development offorests, and the promotion and regulation offorest industries and promoting the conservation and the management of wildlife and wildlife habitat in forest reserves, protected forests and conservation forests. The Director shall also prepare every five years or such other periods as the Minister may specify, a National Forest Plan.The Minister may declare Forest Reserves, Protected Forests and Conservation Forests for the purposes specified in this Act. The Director shall prepare a forest management plan for each protected area. The Minister may by Order declare protected trees for the purposes of this Act. A permit to harvest protected trees shall be obtained from the Director. Appeal against a decision of the Minister may be lodged with the Minister. In respect of Crown land within Forest Reserves, Protected Forests and Conservation Forests the Minister may, consistent with the applicable Forest management plan issue leases, licences or permits for various activities including groundwater abstraction, tourist operations and large-scale timer felling.As for forestry on private land, no harvesting for commercial purposes shall place without a plan for the management of the forest land approved by the Director. The Director shall, on request, provide technical assistance in forestry to owners ofprivate forest land.

Implemented by: Forestry Regulations, 2011. (2011)
Implemented by: Forestry Regulations, 2014 (S.I. No. 38 of 2014). (2014-05-15)
Amended by: Forestry (Amendment) Act, 2010 (No. 32 of 2010). (2010-12-28)
Amended by: Forestry (Amendment) Act, 2014 (No. 6 of 2014). (2014-05-01)
Amends: Bahamas National Trust Act (Cap. 391). (1987)
Amends: Conservation and Protection of the Physical Landscape of The Bahamas Act, 1997 (Cap. 260). (2000)

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