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Library Regional Law No. 45 “On land”.

Regional Law No. 45 “On land”.

Regional Law No. 45 “On land”.
29 декабря 2003 года N 45 РЕСПУБЛИКА ДАГЕСТАН ЗАКОН О ЗЕМЛЕ.

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This Regional Law shall regulate the following aspects of land relations: (a) land as natural object and natural resource; (b) land plots; and (c) parts of land plots. Land plots shall be classified as divisible and indivisible. In case of land transactions and in case of land division shall be prohibited apportionment of land area of less than 300 square metres for individual housing construction and less than 500 square metres for subsidiary small-holding (farming). Land category shall be subject to mandatory specification in public acts related to land allocation, land-related contracts and agreements, official documents of state land cadastre and state certificate on registration of rights to immovable property. Land protection arrangements shall be performed for the following purposes: (a) prevention of land degradation, soil pollution, littering, disturbances and other negative impact on land; and (b) soil improvement and rehabilitation.

Amended by: Regional Law No. 22 amending Regional Law No. 45 “On land”. (2014-04-08)

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