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Library Sarawak Land Code, (Chapter 81).

Sarawak Land Code, (Chapter 81).

Sarawak Land Code, (Chapter 81).

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This Act, consisting of three Parts, applies to Native customary rights of Sarawak. It specifies the following Land classification as follows: i. Interior Area Land is land not falling within other classifications and which is not a Government Reserve; ii. Native Customary Land that comprises land over which natives are entitled to exercise customary rights (any area of State Land can be declared a Native Communal Reserve for the use of the native community) and Interior Area Land over which a native has been permitted to acquire customary rights with the permission of the District Officer; iii. Mixed Zone Land that is land which is such by virtue of prior law or which becomes such by a declaration by the Minister under the Code. Only a native of Sarawak can acquire the privileges or rights under the Native Area Land, Native Customary Land or Interior Land. Land is liable to forfeiture if abandoned for three consecutive years or more. Land alienated for agricultural purposes cannot be used for other purposes and must be cultivated within prescribed periods (19).

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