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Library Regulation on land cadastre.

Regulation on land cadastre.

Regulation on land cadastre.
Pravilnik o katastru zemljišta.

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This Regulation prescribes the manner of keeping the register of land parcels in the transitional period and the manner of its gradual adjustment when part of the Croatian national real estate cadastre.Keeping of the register of land and land parcels also includes the maintenance of cadastral spatial units, maintaining details of geodetic basis and maintenance of those grounds, subdivision and other geodetic surveys, which are used for the implementation of changes in cadastral, operation and maintenance of cadastral documentation, implementation of changes data on cadastral parcels, buildings and other structures and special legal status, submission of data to the land court and the storage and use of cadastral land.Gradually adjusting Cadastre Real Estate Cadastre includes maintaining the land cadastre in a way that it gradually formed by proof sheets corresponding to various land registry files, entered by the owner and/or beneficiary.

Implements: Law on State survey and the real estate cadastre. (2007-01-26)
Amended by: Regulation amending the Regulation on land cadastre. (2009-12-03)

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