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The Order sets rules on construction works or other installations and interventions on the environment which are listed under Appendices 1-2, and also applies to the extraction of mineral resources. The purpose of the Order is to implement environmental impact assessment (EIA) through the Danish Nature Agency and Environmental Protection Agency. The EIA shall identify, describe and evaluate a plant's direct and indirect effects on human beings, fauna and flora, soil, water, air, climate, landscape, material assets and cultural heritage, and the interaction between these factors. The Order adds section 6 to article 11, with regard to the administrative handling of environmental impact assessments by the Danish Nature Agency and Environmental Protection Agency, which now includes the installations for fracturing solely in connection with exploration and extraction of gas shall be regulated by the agency.The Order consists of 11 Chapters and 5 Appendices: Scope (1); Notification requirements for installation start (2); Decision on due (EIA) and non-due (no EIA) environmental impact assessment (3); Determination of the EIA report's content - scoping (4); EIA report (5); Public hearing of EIA report (6); Publication of EIA decisions and authorization of installation projects (7); Danish Nature Agency, the Environmental Protection Agency and the regional council's duties and powers (8); Handling of appeals by Nature and Environmental Appeal Board (9); Penalties (10); Entry into force (11).Appendix 1 - Installations covered by article 1, section 2.Appendix 2 - Installations covered by article 1, section 3.Appendix 3 - Criteria for the assessment of systems with significant impact on the environment (article 3, section 1).Appendix 4 - Duty of notification in accordance to article 5, section 3.Appendix 5 - Notification Form.

Implements: Directive 2011/92/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on the assessment of the effects of certain public and private projects on the environment. (2011-12-13)
Implements: Planning Act (No. 587 of 2013). (2013-05-27)
Implements: Mining Code Act (No. 657 of 2013). (2013-05-27)
Repeals: Order No. 764 on environmental impact assessment (EIA) of certain public and private constructions under the Planning Act. (2014-06-23)

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Denmark is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy.

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