Law No. 62/2012 creating the National Granting System of lands for agricultural, forestry or silvopastoril use, called «Bolsa de terras». | Land Portal

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This Law, consisting of 21 articles, creates the National Granting System of lands for agricultural, forestry or silvopastoril purpose, called «Bolsa de terras». This Law applies to rural lands according to their registration and subject to the legislation regulating the ownership transfer of goods. This Law does not apply to: rural lands considered mixed for tax purposes, of lands for non-permanent housing with an area less than 1 ha. Rural lands with authorised tourism activity by the competent authority. Land granting system aims at facilitating the access to land through the provision of land, particularly when they are unused, and, also, through a better identification and promotion of offer. «Bolsa de terras» provides for lease, sale or other transfer of land with agricultural, forestry or silvopastoril potentiality belonging to the private domain of the State, local authorities and any other public or private entities.

Implemented by: Law No. 63/2012 approving fiscal benefits to the use of agricultural, forestry and silvopastoril lands and to the promotion of the «Bolsa de terras». (2012-12-10)
Implements: Regulamentary Decree No. 32/2012 on the General Directorate for Agriculture and Rural Development (DGADR). (2012-03-20)

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