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The Order aims to provide subsidy to clear overgrown areas which need preparation for grazing in order to ensure improvement of conservation of habitats and species in specifically designated areas set out by Natura2000. The Danish AgriFish Agency shall allocate 33 million DKK of subsidy for non-productive investments in the following areas: 1) clearing of overgrowth, including clearing of trees and removal of cleared plant material. Projects to be implemented in especially allocated Natura2000 areas of deforestation; 2) areas preparing for grazing. The project may apply to the care of grassland and natural areas in specifically designated Natura2000. Projects must include the establishment of fences, water supply and electricity supply. The Agency shall be responsible for the physical and administrative monitoring and inspection of such granted subsidies, and applications thereof may be submitted no later than 30 April 2015 (and received no later than 2 June 2015). Eligibility of projects include: criteria for financing of at least 50% of the project; project areas must not include forest or areas used to produce fruit, berries, nursery crops, Christmas trees, greenery and energy crops; areas included in projects with overgrowth of trees or bushes existing by 1 September 2004, or by the application period for areas which characteristics make it difficult to clear with standard equipment; measures to be implemented from 15 July to 31 March; and projects whereby remaining six months in the period of its implementation do not include regrowth of cleared trees and shrubs of more than one year.The Order consists of 12 Chapters: Objectives and content (1); Definitions (2); Administration (3); Criteria for subsidy requirement (4); Eligible projects (5); Calculation of subsidy (6); Amendment of project and assignment thereof (7); Payment of subsidies (8); Notification duty (9); Repealing of agreements and repayment or decrease of subsidy (10); Appeals (11); Entry into force (12).

Implements: Regulation (EU) No. 1305/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on support for rural development by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and repealing Council Regulation (EC) No. 1698/2005. (2013-12-17)
Repeals: Order No. 907 on subsidy subsidies for Natura 2000 projects on the clearing of overgrown areas and for their grazing. (2011-08-19)
Repeals: Order No. 177 on subsidies for Natura 2000 project of clearing overgrown areas for the preparation of pasture. (2012-02-28)

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