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Library Water and Sewerage Authority Act, 1984 (Cap. 208).

Water and Sewerage Authority Act, 1984 (Cap. 208).

Water and Sewerage Authority Act, 1984 (Cap. 208).

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This Act makes provision for a national water policy and for the establishment of the Water and Sewerage Authority and concerns several aspects of water resources management and policy. The Government shall promote a national policy for water and sewerage in Grenada. The Authority is established as a body corporate and shall be a successor to the Central Water Commission. Assets and liabilities of Central Water Commission shall be transferred to the Authority. The Authority shall have full power and authority over all the surface and underground waters of Grenada and shall take such action as may be necessary or expedient for the purpose of: (a) conserving, augmenting, distributing or redistributing water resources in Grenada; (b) maintaining and improving sewerage systems in Grenada. The Authority shall recommend to the Minister the establishment of water supply and sewerage areas.The Act also concerns the establishment, delimitation and the management of catchment areas. Catchment areas for the protection, conservation and maintenance of which the Chief Forestry Officer is responsible under any other written law shall be retained as forest reserves. The Minister, on the advice of the Authority, may declare protected areas for the protection of the public water resources. Other provisions of this Act concern, among other things; acquisition by the Minister, at request of the Authority, of any waterworks, water or land for purposes of this Act; compulsory acquisition of way-leave; entry upon land for survey, etc.; sinking of wells and boreholes to be done with the permission of the Authority and in accordance with express or implied conditions; other matters regarding abstraction of groundwater and construction of wells; assistance for families earning low income; regulation-making powers of the Authority. A licence to abstract underground water shall not be refused in the case of a well or borehole in existence immediately before the appointed day and which is then in use for the abstraction of underground water.

Implemented by: Water and Sewerage Rates and Charges Regulations (No. 7 of 2010). (2010-03-25)
Implemented by: National Water and Sewerage Authority Sewerage Regulations (Cap. 208). (1993-09-10)

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