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Library Act amending Environment Protection Act.

Act amending Environment Protection Act.

Act amending Environment Protection Act.

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This Act lays down some amendments and addenda to Environment Protection Act. In particular it sets out provisions concerning ground surface protection which is based on: (1) rational management; (2) maintaining the environmental, economic, social and cultural rights, including production of food and biomass, storing, filtering and transformation of nutrient substances and water, the basis for the development of life and biodiversity; source of raw materials, reservoir of carbon, collection of geological, geomorphological and archaeological heritage; (3) prevention of pollution substances that cause risks and remediation; (4) maintaining the best condition of the soil by preventing water and wind erosion, decrease of humus content of soil, compacting, salinity through the accumulation of soluble salts in the soil, action that causes acidification; (5) mitigating effects of soil capping; 6) preventing mass movements of the ground and their effects; (7) preventing adverse changes in the natural topography of the ground. Contamination of surface ground is assessed on the basis of of exceeding the permissible content of substances causing the risk in the soil or in the ground.

Implements: Commission Implementing Decision 2014/738/EU establishing best available techniques (BAT) conclusions, under Directive 2010/75/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on industrial emissions, for the refining of mineral oil and gas. (2014-10-09)
Amends: Environment Protection Act. (2006-07-04)

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