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Library Lands Commission Act, 2008 (No. 767).

Lands Commission Act, 2008 (No. 767).

Lands Commission Act, 2008 (No. 767).

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This Act establishes the Lands Commission, in accordance with article 258 of the Constitution as a body corporate, defines the functions of and assigns powers to the Commission and makes provision with respect to its composition and administration and the qualification and appointment of members of the Commission. The headquarters of the Commission shall be in Accra but there shall be in each region a Regional Lands Commission. The Commission may establish also district offices in districts it may determine.The objectives of the Commission are to (a) promote the judicious use of land by the society and ensure that land use is in accordance with sustainable management principles and the maintenance of a sound eco-system; and (b) ensure that land development is effected in conformity with the nation’s development goals. The Commission shall, among other things: on behalf of the Government, manage public lands and any other lands vested in the President by the Constitution or by any other law and any lands vested in the Commission; advise the Government, local authorities and traditional authorities on the policy framework for the development of particular areas of the country to ensure that the development of individual pieces of land is coordinated with the relevant development plan for the area concerned; c) formulate and submit to Government recommendations on national policy with respect to land use suitability or capability.The Commission shall have the following divisions: (a) Survey and Mapping, (b) Land Registration, (c) Land Valuation, (d) Public and Vested Lands Management, and (e) other Divisions the Commission may determine. Functions of the divisions are defined.

Repeals: Lands Commission Act, 1994 (No. 483). (0000)

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