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Library Punjab Women Protection Authority Act 2017 (Act X of 2017).

Punjab Women Protection Authority Act 2017 (Act X of 2017).

Punjab Women Protection Authority Act 2017 (Act X of 2017).

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May 2017
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This Law, consisting of 24 sections, creates the Punjab Women Protection Authority. It establishes necessary provisions for a comprehensive, efficient, effective and gender equitable system for protection, relief and rehabilitation of women against all forms of violence in the Punjab; to control, monitor, and oversee that system; and, to deal with related matters. It establishes composition, duties and responsibilities of the above mentioned Authority, entitled to: (a) establish, maintain, monitor, govern, operate and construct Protection Centers in the Punjab; (b) initiate and maintain a continuous process of comprehensive planning for the protection system; (c) execute, implement and administer the protection system, relief to, and rehabilitation of, the women against violence; (d) control, monitor, and oversee the administration and functioning of the Committee and protection system; (e) execute the policies made by the Government for the provision of protection, relief and rehabilitation of women against all forms of violence; (f) undertake appropriate projects for purposes of the Act; (g) issue necessary instructions, directions or guidelines to the Committee and District Women Protection Officer or any other officer or official who is engaged in the Protection System, or to any other body for the implementation of the projects of the Authority and for effective implementation of the provisions of the Act or the referred Act; (h) formulate and ensure minimum standards, code of conduct and Standard Operating Procedures to be followed by the persons engaged in the Protection System; (i) evaluate, assess and coordinate the execution of its policies; (j) conduct survey of the aggrieved persons desirous of being rehabilitated; (k) institute a mechanism for the periodic sensitization and awareness of the public servants and employees of the Authority on issues involving women and protection and relief of the aggrieved persons; (l) carry out execution of the monetary, protection or residence orders; (m) ensure that a case of violence registered with a police station in the Province is referred to the Protection Centre for medical examination, collection of forensics, investigation and prosecution and until the Protection Centre is established in the Districtto make standing arrangements for shifting of an aggrieved person, with her consent, to the nearest Protection Centre; (n) approve annual strategy to improve the Protection Centre and shelter homes; (o) enlist women volunteers and women volunteer organizations in the District and assign roles to such volunteers and organizations to assist the Protection Centers in terms of advocacy, raising awareness, mediation and referring the victims to the Protection Centers; (p) approve the annual report about the key performance indicators, operations of the Protection Centers and gaps in the implementation of the Protection System for submission to the Government; (q) accept donations such as land, vehicles, equipment, money or human resource for facilitation of the functioning of the Protection System; (r) acquire property, both movable and immovable undertake any works, incur any expenditure and enter into contracts to this effect; (s) seek assistance for the establishment of Protection Centres or for the execution and operations of all Protection Centers from a Government department, agency or person; (t) prepare financial statements and feasibility reports, provide administrative approvals, issue technical sanction, and initiate tendering and procurement processes for the construction and maintenance of Protection Centres and other allied works; (u) approve the annual budget and to re-appropriate funds; (v) carry out administrative functions; (w) monitor and evaluate establishment or construction of the standardized Protection Centres according to their capacity; (x) provide funding to the District Women Protection Committee to carry out its functions; and (y) take such other measures and perform such other functions as may be assigned to it by the Government and as are necessary for carrying out the purposes of the Act.

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