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Library Nairobi Action Plan on Large Scale Land-Based Investments in Africa.

Nairobi Action Plan on Large Scale Land-Based Investments in Africa.

Nairobi Action Plan on Large Scale Land-Based Investments in Africa.

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October 2011
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The High Level Forum on Foreign Direct Investments in Land in Africa, representing African governments, Members of Parliament, traditional leaders, private sector, civil society and other stakeholders, met in Nairobi, Kenya from 4 to 5 October, 2011. They resolve to work in close consultation with governments, parliaments, Regional Economic Communities (RECs), private sector, traditional leaders, civil society, development partners and other stakeholders to promote alternative land based investment models. These models should aim to increase agricultural productivity, maximize opportunities for Africa’s farmers, with special attention to smallholders and minimize the potential negative impacts of large-scale land acquisitions, such as land dispossession and environmental degradation, in order to achieve an equitable and sustainable agricultural and economic transformation that will ensure food security and development.The High Level Forum undertakes to promote: 1. Assessments of land-based large-scale investments, including gender differentiated and poverty impacts, in support of evidence based advocacy that draws on best practices and ongoing initiatives of governments, private sector and development partners to promote profitable, equitable and sustainable land-based investments, within 12 months; 2. Capacity support to governments, traditional leaders, civil society organisations and communities to facilitate fair and transparent negotiations that lead to equitable land related investments, initiated within 12 months; 3. Establishment of a monitoring and reporting mechanism for tracking large-scale land based investments with a view to ensuring that these ventures are beneficial to national economic development and local communities, including women, within 12 months; 4. Development of principles which encourage sound and sustainable investments in land, and guide fiscal policy in this regard, within 6 months; 5. Development and implementation of land policies and land use plans that facilitate equitable access and secure land rights for communities, including women and investors, both local and foreign, in the medium term.

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