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January 2004
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This Act sets forth provisions on application to the Court for a declaration of possessory title in Article 3, content of application in accordance with Form 1 of the First Schedule in Article 4, written statement of the applicant and of at least two other persons having knowledge of the applicant’s adverse possession of the piece or parcel of land annexed to the application in Article 5, plan of the piece or parcel of land authenticated by the signature of the Chief Surveyor annexed to the application in Article 6, publication of notice in the newspapers in Article 7, service on all owners or occupiers of property adjoining the piece or parcel of land to which the application relates in Article 8, written claim setting out the name of the person who has title to the piece or parcel of land and a statement of the facts on which the claim is founded in Article 9, duty of Registrar in respect of proceedings in Article 10, legal proceedings in Article 11, default judgement or ex parte proceedings in Article 12, procedures in case of more than one person claim ownership in Article 13, withdrawal of application in Article 14, maintenance of register of orders in Article 21, certificate of the order containing the declaration of possessory title for the piece or parcel of land in Article 23, indefeasible title in Article 25, declaration of title obtained by fraud in Article 26, declaration of title obtained by mistake in Article 27, declaration obtained prior to commencement of Act in Article 28, restriction on obtaining possessory title in Article 29, Register of possessory titles in Article 30, and stamp duty and fees. The Minister may make Regulations generally for carrying out the provisions of this Act. This Act shall not apply to Crown lands.

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