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October 2004
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This Law determines the procedure for the formation of real estate objects depending on their owner and intended use of the object of real estate. The scope of this Law shall be the formation of real estate as independent objects of law by separation of a part of the object, subdivision, consolidation, combining or re-distribution of objects registered in cadastre, and registration of the formed objects of real estate. Formation of the real estate object can be performed for any purposes complying with acting legislation, including the following: (a) transfer of a land plot to an individual or legal entity in ownership or tenancy in accordance with the law; (b) transactions with real estate; (c) development of land through construction of buildings and edifices; (d) division of the real estate object located in common property; (e) allocation in kind of the share of the founder from the property of the legal entity; (f) exchange of land plots, including for their compact placement; (g) division or consolidation of real estate in connection with reorganization or liquidation of a legal entity; (h) sale of part of the land plot and/or part of the structure entering in the receivables of an insolvent enterprise, or part of a land plot and/or part of the structure of a physical or legal person whose property was arrested and/or put on sale for the purpose of paying off debts on mandatory payments. This Law consists of V Sections. Section I lays down general provisions. Section II sets forth the conditions for the formation of real estate object. Section III establishes methods of formation of real estate objects. Section IV establishes the general procedure for the formation of real estate plots. Section V lays down final provisions.

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Gnetii, Vsevolod (LEGN)


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