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January 1909
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This Article of the Agriculture and Markets Law of New York provides for sale of agricultural liming materials. "Agricultural liming material" is defined as all materials and all calcium and magnesium products in the oxide, hydrate, carbonate or silicate form or combinations thereof and intended for use in the correction of soil acidity, including such forms of material designated as burned lime, hydrated lime, carbonate of lime, agricultural limestone, slag and marl. The Article further provides that no person shall sell, offer or expose for sale, barter, give or otherwise supply in this state as an agricultural liming material, except as provided under this Article, any product which does not have a minimum total neutralizing value of sixty per centum calcium carbonate equivalence and, except hydrated lime and burned lime, a minimum fineness of eighty per centum passing a twenty mesh sieve and thirty per centum passing a hundred mesh sieve nor for which a certificate of registration has not been filed and a license has not been issued pursuant to this article; nor shall he or she permit any claim or guarantee to be indicated upon any label, tab, or package or accompanying statement to the effect that such material possesses a higher specification than such material does in fact contain; nor shall he or she sell, offer or expose for sale, barter, give or otherwise supply any such material adulterated with any substance injurious to the growth of plants (other than weeds) or animals or humans when applied in accordance with directions for use accompanying the product; nor shall he or she sell, offer or expose for sale any agriculture liming material in this state without a label or accompanying statement and weigh slip as required by this Article. The Article also contains requirements for the label or accompanying statement and weigh slip; certificate to be filed necessary for sale or supply of agricultural liming material; license required for the same; licensee’s reporting requirements and fees; sampling and analyzing; and stop orders if the provisions of this Article is violated.

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