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Library Addis Ababa City : Public Expenditure Review

Addis Ababa City : Public Expenditure Review

Addis Ababa City : Public Expenditure Review

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February 2013
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This study on Addis Ababa is part of the
national Public Expenditure Review (PFR-2010) study and the
report is one of the four regional PER-2010 reports. The
objective of the study is to review the institutional
arrangements for managing public finances in Addis Ababa
city administration, to assess the level, trend, and
composition of public revenue, spending and financing as
well as to review the planning and budgeting process. The
study has also tried to evaluate the city
administration's service delivery outcomes in education
and health sectors as well as road and housing development
which are the two most prioritized sectors in terms of their
share from the total capital outlay. The report has reviewed
different studies, plans and performance reports of the
various sectors in the city administration. The analysis is
largely based on information and data obtained from
different bureaus of the city administration especially
Addis Ababa bureau of finance and economic development.

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