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Library East Asia Ports in their Urban Context

East Asia Ports in their Urban Context

East Asia Ports in their Urban Context

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March 2014
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This report is part of a strategy to
promotes trade competitiveness within the East Asia and
Pacific Region. It presents an overview of the logistics
issues facing East Asia countries and proposes a development
agenda for them. Based on the recognition that the
countries have basic differences in their level of
development, extent of openness, and composition of trade,
it begins by discussing the benefits of improved logistics.
The East Asian countries are organized into an action
matrix, with an analysis of the logistics needs appropriate
to each group. The country working papers (volumes 2, 3,
& 5)discuss the assessment of preset logistics services
and the impediments they impose upon, and opportunities they
offer for, expanded trade, including policy reform
proposals. The special report on ports (volume 4) addresses
port development in relation to urban growth.

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