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Library Results in the Latin America and Caribbean Region

Results in the Latin America and Caribbean Region

Results in the Latin America and Caribbean Region

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December 2014
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A focus on development results is at the
heart of the Latin America and Caribbean Region s approach
to delivering programs and policy advice with partners in
middle-income and low income countries alike. Through
knowledge, convening activities, and financial services we
strive to help people across the region create better
opportunities and build a better future for themselves,
their families and their country. Documenting, measuring and
evaluating results of what we do, helps us and our partners
to engage more effectively, learn from our experiences and
apply lessons to the design and implementation of future
interventions. This collection of result stories shows our
continuous efforts to adopt and integrate technical
analysis, timely policy advice, and a variety of financial
instruments into programs that are aligned with client
priorities. Results show the increased demand and the
effectiveness of peer-to-peer learning, have led to a
scaling up our support for South-South exchange activities
and the use our convening power to support successful
partnerships and mobilize additional resources to finance
development work.

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