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Library Handshake, No. 8 (January 2013)

Handshake, No. 8 (January 2013)

Handshake, No. 8 (January 2013)

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July 2015
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This issue includes the following
headings: infrastructure - A new direction for New Zealand
schools, Primary schools, primary importance, Sustainable
school buildings, and PPPs build the future; services - A
charter for change, vouching for the future, Low fees, high
hopes, Private schools for the poor, and Governments and
business schools; innovation - Education for the 21st
century, Access for all, Bricks and clicks, Open education
goes the distance, Grading teachers, M is for mobile, Online
learning; and interviews - Michelle Rhee, Emily Lawson, and
Arne Duncan.

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Buckholtz, Alison

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