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November 2011
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... This is a resource for organisations and individuals advocating about sustainable development issues in Burma. This resource provides information about the concept of sustainable development and about the government of Burma’s commitments and responsibilities when it comes to sustainable development. Sustainable development is development that does not damage the environment or the country’s natural resources, and that meets people’s needs, including the needs of the most vulnerable communities. Sustainable development relates to many aspects of the natural world and of people’s lives. These aspects include: biodiversity (variety in the natural environment), land (including mining), forests, agriculture, water, energy, and the economy...

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The Burma Environmental Working Group (BEWG) brings together Burma focused ethnic environmental and social organizations. Each member organization monitors Burma development policy and advocates for alternative development policies meeting their specific traditional and comprehensive understanding of local sustainability. BEWG provides a forum for member organizations to combine the successes, knowledge, expertise and voices of ethnic peoples in pursuit of not just local livelihoods, but sustainable and peaceful national, regional and international development policy.

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