Presidential Decree of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Concerning Modification of a Series of Articles of the Land Expropriation Law | Land Portal
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April 2005
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Date: 14/01/1384 (03/04/2005)


Article 1:


Sections (1&3) of article (3) and articles (12, 13, 16, 17, 20 and 22) shall be amended as follow:


1- Under section (1) of article 3 the expression ‘railway’ shall be added after the expression ‘highways’, and the text (and schools, implementation of urban plans) shall be added after the expression (seminaries or religious schools), and under section (3) of article 3 the expression (and legal) shall be added following the expression (canonical).


2- Article 12: Constructional materials, residential quarters and other buildings shall belong free of charge to the owner after payment of the costs thereof. Under such circumstance the process of demolishing the building shall be undertaken by the owner. In case of refusal or negligence on the part of the owner to voluntarily demolish, forced demolition shall take place by the municipality assisted by the security organs.

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