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Successful Land Individualization in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

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February 2004
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ISBN-10 ‏: ‎ 0739107356, ISBN-13 : ‎ 978-0739107355
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How do we measure the success of agrarian transformation? Land reform, in- terpreted in the transition context as privatization of land with the associated is- sues of land market development and the restructuring of traditional large farms, is only one facet of a multi-dimensional process of transition to a market-oriented agriculture. However important land reform is, success requires progress in all relevant dimensions. For purposes of evaluating the progress to- ward a market-based agriculture, we usually identify five dimensions, which in addition to land reform include liberalization of markets, privatization and de-monopolization of services (both upstream and downstream), establishment of an institutional framework for market agriculture, and development of rural finance. The success of land privatization cannot be measured in isolation from the other dimensions.

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Zvi Lerman

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