Analiza cantitativă a sectoarelor de teren agricol din satul Corjeuți, raionul Briceni | Land Portal

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December 2018
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This article presents a synthesis of analysis of how to use the most valuable natural
resourses-agricultural lands in Corjeuti village Briceni district. Agricultural land use patterns are studied and consolidation measures proposed to optimize spending, increase productivity, and sustainable development for the future. The peculiarities of the consolidation of the agricultural land from the localities in the northern part of the republic were examined in organizational, technical and legal terms. Also, the materials of the projects developed in this region have been consulted, identified some problems that will improve the situation.The study is based on the vision of rural use, the efficient use of natural resources, and the preservation of the environment for sustainable development.

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Popescul, Sergiu
Turculeț, Mihail

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