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Library Developing land consolidation concept and strategy in the Republic of Moldova

Developing land consolidation concept and strategy in the Republic of Moldova

Developing land consolidation concept and strategy in the Republic of Moldova

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December 2011
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In the paper short data on the results of implementation of pilot land consolidation projects in 6 villages of the Republic of Moldova in 2007-2009 are presented. As a result it became possible to accumulate the experience necessary for extension of these works in scales of all country. Simultaneously a number of difficulties and problems have been identified. It will be difficult to realize these works without elimination of them. In Moldova in 2008 the Government has accepted the Program of land consolidation that was premature step because pilot projects haven't been still implemented, the Concept hasn't been confirmed and Strategy of land consolidation hasn't been developed. Therefore at the present stage it is necessary to concentrate efforts on developing the land consolidation Concept and Strategy and on improvement of actual legal framework in this field. In the paper the author who participated in implementation of these 6 pilot projects offers some ideas concerning this problem. The factors constraining implementation of land consolidation are considered and some measures on their elimination are recommended. A number of theoretical and practical problems demanding examination and solution in the future are considered. First of all, it is necessary to answer to the question: what we want to realize-land consolidation or land reparcelling. Then in Strategy it is necessary to define: either land consolidation should be completely voluntary or particularly or comprehensive compulsory and how in this case one may apply economic levers to accelerate this process; what are the limits of the state intervention in regulation of land relations in modern conditions; whether it is necessary to limit the sizes of land ownerships, etc. Also it is necessary to establish Land Bank and united state entity responsible for land consolidation, to identify the demand of land consolidation specialists and to organize their training by launching education courses, to develop land market, to amend legal provisions on land consolidation, to determine sources and to develop administrative rules for financing land consolidation projects.

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