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December 2018
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The paper addresses a current issue related to the agricultural land relations of the Republic of Moldova. The analysis of the current stage of situation proves the priority of the private property in the agricultural land belonging to the legal forms of organization in comparison with the areas of the leased agricultural lands. Land relations reform in agriculture aimed at the privatization of land and other agricultural goods and implementation of market land relations. Agriculture in the Republic of Moldova is dominated by several legal forms of organization based on both associative and individual principles. Each of these forms requires a separate study. The paper is focused on the main legal forms of organization and namely: private limited companies (Ltd) and peasant (farmer type) farms. Agriculture is an area in which the legal forms of organization have been most influenced by the process of land reform. The reform has changed the economic essence of the production process in agriculture - the property. International experience in this field has demonstrated the effectiveness and priority of the agricultural farms’ potential based on individual principles, especially those of a family type. The study proves the interaction between property rights and process of agriculture intensification through investments, especially those aimed at the development of vineyard and orchard plantations.

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Zubco, Efim
Botnarenco, Ion
Mocreac, O.

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