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Transmission reinforcement component

Transmission reinforcement component

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Resettlement of projected affected persons (PAPs) will follow these principles: The relationship between the state, the collective, and the individual shall be appropriately considered; The resettlement area and the host area shall be chosen in keeping with the national interest. The aim is to gradually raise the living standard of the resettlers. The resettlement will consider local conditions, and the resources of the reservoir area will be reasonably used. Resettlers will be settled in their original location or be moved nearby. Reclaiming the flood plain, reallocating land, and relocating populations will follow the relevant regulations and the rules of law. For land acquisition of medium and large water resources and hydropower projects, a land compensation fee and resettlement subsidy will be paid. The surplus labor created by land acquisition shall be organized by the local government to develop agriculture, sideline production, and village-owned enterprises. For those resettlers who voluntarily move to households of relatives or friends, subsidies for land acquisition and resettlement will be paid by the government of those moving to the host area government. Resettlers are not allowed to reject then relocation and will not be allowed to return at will after they resettle. There will be compensation for young crops and attachments with reduced compensation paid for uncultivated land. Compensation for trees will be tied to the actual value of output.

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