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Library Zimbabwe - Land subsector study

Zimbabwe - Land subsector study

Zimbabwe - Land subsector study

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Since agricultural development in Zimbabwe contributes to both economic growth and the standard of living for most people living in the Communal Areas, it is imperative that the government protect and enhance the land resources existing in those areas. Unless the current degradation and deterioration is arrested, the country's development goals will not be attainable. It is, therefore, with this economic imperative and sense of urgency that the present study has been undertaken. Because present land policy and thinking on land issues generally has been so heavily influenced by past developments, the first chapter of this report traces the historical evolution of land policy up to the present. This is followed by a chapter on current land use patterns. The state of the land resource is presented in Chapter III, followed by an analysis of the main issues in Chapter IV. In Chapter V, the areas in which Zimbabwe could benefit from assistance are identified. Finally, the report's main conclusions and recommendations are summarized in the last chapter. The report recommends boundary demarcation, government involvement in land use planning, providing off-farm employment and conservation as essential elements in preserving the available land resources in the Communal Areas.

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