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20 March 2023

Land Portal Publishes New State of Land Information Report for Malawi

During the colonial era, data and information was largely treated as confidential in Malawi. According to Mambulasa (2016), many statutes in Malawi dating back to colonial times promote government secrecy and the withholding of public information. This has resulted in lingering land administration and management challenges. Land-related problems have been a constant feature of Malawian society, including the pre-colonial, colonial and post independence period starting in 1964.

Land Portal Technical Advisory Group
28 February 2023

The Land Portal Technical Advisory Group is composed of individuals with diverse expertise and a common inclination towards innovation and social change. This group has been crucial in providing guidance and on the ongoing operation, development and innovation of the Land Portal over the past decade. 

28 February 2023

We are seeking a Chief Technology Officer to lead the provision and ongoing development of the core Land Portal online presence, and to provide technical leadership in our work to create an open and inclusive information ecosystem for land. 

The successful candidate will demonstrate  a deep understanding of established and emerging technology, and translate this understanding into impact for the Land Portal Foundation.

16 February 2023

17 February 2023 — The Land Portal Foundation has been selected by the European Union (EU) for a €1.6 million grant, a decision that underscores the organization’s vital role in the land governance sector. The funds will accelerate the Land Portal’s work to bring the land governance and open data communities together, fueled by its foundational belief that access to information is crucial for achieving good land governance. 

15 February 2023

The Land Portal Foundation is pleased to welcome Dr. Cynthia Caron and Dr. Richard Baldwin to our Board of Directors for a three-year term. We thank our departing board members, chair Timothy Fella and Dr. Ritu Verma, for their longstanding commitment to and support of the Land Portal. They helped guide the Land Portal through major growth and transition during the last six years, and their counsel has been invaluable in shaping our work. Dr. Elizabeth Daley, current secretary of the board, will assume the chairship. 

State of Land Information Consultancy
6 December 2022
Sierra Leone

The Land Portal is hiring researchers with expertise on Liberia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Mozambique, Ghana,  and The Gambia.

2 January 2023

As we embark on the holiday season, I want to thank you and the rest of our Land Portal community for your ongoing support. It is only through your engagement and commitment that we can continue to provide outstanding programming, information, and data about land governance around the world. In 2022, the Land Portal was one of the most visited websites for land information with ~74K monthly visits. With origins as a start-up project aggregating land articles, we are doubly gratified that the Portal has become a valuable online destination with rich, original content. 

8 September 2022 to 2 March 2023

The four-part webinar series provides a platform for different stakeholders engaged in land governance to exchange on the importance of inclusivity and meaningful participation of all relevant actors in both formal and informal land governance processes. 

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