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The Iniciativa de Terras Comunitarias Foundation (iTC-F) is a non-profit Mozambican National Institution dedicated to the protection of community rights over land and other natural resources. ITC-F's mission is to complement the Government's efforts to implement the Land Law with regard to the protection of communities' rights over land and other natural resources and the promotion of inclusive economic development, through partnerships between communities and investors, public and / or private.


The Iniciativa de Terras Comunitárias /iTC was set up as a pilot programme in 2006 implemented by KPMG. It has been the intention of iTC to establish as a national foundation since first piloted in 2006. After the decision to institutionalise in 2014 the Community Land Cooperative CTC-COOP (Cooperativa de Terras Comunitárias) was set up as an interim institution. After the iTC-F Foundation (iTF-F) was approved by the Council of Ministers on the 18th of October 2016, CTC-COOP took on the title CTC-COOP/iTC-F.

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Improving data management and strengthening capacity on the use of GIS in land use planning to contribute to the improvement of land use practices.

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