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The divine law of Allah is the foundation of knowledge. In line with His Will, UTM strives with total commitment to attain excellence in science, technology and engineering for the well-being and prosperity of mankind.

Hukum Allah adalah dasar kepada ilmu. Sejajar dengan kehendak-Nya, UTM komited secara menyeluruh dan bersepadu demi mencapai kecemerlangan dalam sains, teknologi dan kejuruteraan untuk kemakmuran dan kesejahteraan sejagat.


To be a premier global academic and research institution, excelling in science, technology and engineering.

Menjadi sebuah institusi akademik dan penyelidikan utama dunia, cemerlang dalam bidang sains, teknologi dan kejuruteraan.


To lead in the development of holistic talents and innovative technologies for universal well-being and prosperity.

Menjadi peneraju dalam pembangunan bakat holistik dan teknologi berinovasi untuk kemakmuran dan kesejahteraan sejagat.

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Library Resource
Land governance in Brunei Darussalam
Reports & Research
January, 2019
Brunei Darussalam

Land governance is proven to be significant in the development and survival of any nation. However, challenges associated with land governance have been a continuing debate as they keep changing due to the progress of any given society. Most researches on land governance have concentrated on the general aspects of land administration and management with reference to best practices of good governance.

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