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We are a nonprofit group of researchers activists, organizers, and lawyers with expertise in human rights, environmental governance, corporate and government accountability. Our small team of activists work tirelessly and relentlessly in Uganda to extend legal services to the very poor and to preserve our natural resources.

We also network with a fantastic broad network of part-time and volunteer members on the ground whose dedication to our cause is crucial to our operations.

ANARDE  was formed in2006 and registered as Non-Governmental Organisation in 2008 and was later in 2015 May registered as a company limited by guarantee. Our goal is to ensure the utilisation of natural forthe benefit of the current and future generations.


A Uganda where natural resources are accessible to all and are utilised for the present and future generations.



ANARDE is committed to improving good governance of natural resources through research, sensitisation, dialogue and advocacy.


We organize advocacy campaigns to expose natural resource abuse cases and sensitise people on the value of good governance of natural resources.

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Library Resource

Insights and challenges from field practice of land conflicts.

Policy Papers & Briefs
September, 2017

A constitutional amendment bill has been tabled before Parliament with the primary aim of overhauling the Constitutional Right to Protection from deprivation of property (Article 26).

Library Resource
Overhaul of the right to protection from deprivation of property in Uganda cover image

Analysing the risks for affected communities

Policy Papers & Briefs
September, 2017

The exploitation of natural resources plays a critical role in the Uganda government’s plans to develop the country. Extractive industries are up scaling their activity as the sector is gearing up for the exploitation of oil and gaz by 2020. In a country where most people live off the land, the construction of industrial infrastructure carries great risks for the protection of fundamental rights.

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