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123 Jabu Ndlovu Street
3201 Pietermaritzburg , KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa
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P.O. Box 2517 Pietermaritzburg 3200
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AFRA is a land rights advocacy non-governmental organisation (NGO) working since 1979 to support marginalised black rural people, with a focus on farm dwellers. We are working towards an inclusive, gender equitable society where rights are valued, realised and protected, essential services are delivered, and land tenure is secure. We work intensively with communities in and around the uMgungundlovu District Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and extensively in offering support and advice.

Our Vision is an inclusive and gender equitable society where rights are valued, realised and protected.

Our Objective is to identify, promote and support pathways to achieve security of tenure and access to services for people on farms.

Our Development Goal is that the living conditions of farm dwellers have improved, as they have secure land tenure and they are able to access services to improve their livelihoods.

Association For Rural Advancement Resources

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Journal Articles & Books
July 2020
South Africa

Farm dwellers – that is, people who live on commercial farms owned by someone other than themselves – are a heterogeneous social group whose socio-economic rights, including those to land, continue to be violated and neglected. Little progress has been made in realising the constitutional rights farm dwellers have to housing, water, sanitation and security of tenure.

Training Resources & Tools
December 2019
South Africa

This guide seeks to promote the use of ADR mechanisms to settle land rights disputes involving occupiers, labour tenants, landowners, claimants and other key role-players. It further aims to educate and capacitate ADR facilitators to have an understanding of the legal provisions that govern the relationships between different right-holders of land, particularly on farm land.

Reports & Research
April 2019
South Africa

This is AFRA’s research, which took place from April to September 2017, a survey of 842 farm dweller households consisting of 6,478 men, women and children, living on 81 farms across the seven local municipalities of the UMgungundlovu District. 

AFRA uLwazi Edition 2
Institutional & promotional materials
September 2017
South Africa

AFRA uLwazi Edition 2 

Farm dwellers
June 2017
South Africa

This is a documentary collating the experiences and stories of rural communities supported by the Association for Rural Advancement (AFRA).

Land Rights
Reports & Research
June 2017
Southern Africa

The report provides a conceptual framework for understanding the application of 'adjudication' to land rights verification as part of a general land administration function that includes offregister rights; and outlines the motivation for developing such as system in South Africa, with some provisional ideas about systematising and institutionalising land rights adjudication to include off-regi

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