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The Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction (MLMUPC) is a government ministry of Cambodia. The Ministry is responsible for governing land use, urban planning, construction projects, and for the resolution of land use conflicts. 

The Ministry is currently organized into 6 administrative areas:

  • Ministry - Offices of the Ministry cabinet and primary bureaux of the ministry.
  • General Departments - Administration, human resources, budgeting, and so forth.
  • Provincial and Municipal Departments - The Ministry maintains provincial department offices in each provincial capital
  • Council of Land Policy
  • National Cadastral Commission - Creates and maintains cadastral maps and works with Administrative Commission to resolve land ownership and land use conflicts.
  • National Social Land Concession Committee



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December, 2012
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The project development objective is to provide access to land tenure security, agricultural and social services, and selected infrastructure to small farmers and communities in the project areas.

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