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1. Vision

NGO-CEDAW envisions a Cambodian society in which both men and women fully realize and enjoy their human rights.  We strive for: substantive equality for men and women in all fields; no gender-based discrimination; social justice; universal access to justice and education; and fair, sustainable economic development.

2. Goals

NGO-CEDAW undertakes awareness-raising, monitoring, advocacy and other activities which are aimed at supporting civil society and government officials in attaining a point where CEDAW principles are permanently applied to all institutions and all sectors of society.

3. Values

  • Adopting a human rights-based approach;
  • Using a feminist perspective in solving problems;
  • Promoting equality and fairness; and
  • Pursuing transparency and accountability.

4.  Objectives

  • To monitor, analyze trends and report on the implementation of CEDAW and the advancement of women’s rights in Cambodia every two years to the Royal Government of Cambodia and the UN CEDAW Committee;
  • To participate actively in and where necessary, lead advocacy for changes in laws affecting women’s human rights.  Currently, NGO-CEDAW is working on amending the law on domestic violence and bringing a case under the Optional Protocol of  CEDAW;
  • To coordinate awareness raising initiatives on women’s rights through popular and media campaigns and special events such as International Women’s Day, 16 Days of Activism Against Women, Involve media, members, partners and their target beneficiaries in publicizing women’s rights issues;
  • To coordinate the exchange of information and services among member organizations.  To set up a central database to maintain the record of women’s rights abuses including cases reported by media;
  • Build capacity of members, including developing a pool of CEDAW resource persons. Strengthen six sub-committees of NGO-CEDAW in implementing usage of CEDAW monitoring tools and framework.

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