COLANDEF | Land Portal | Securing Land Rights Through Open Data

COLANDEF is a non-governmental organisation established, registered and operating in Ghana since November 2004. 

We aim at improving land governance and the management of natural resources; enhance local governance systems; and better gender mainstreaming besides policy advocacy.


COLANDEF exists to provide tailor-made capacity building support to organizations and actors in the land sector, complementing interventions with research, advocacy and lobbying at all levels, with the aim of protecting land rights for all, especially the vulnerable and improving security of tenure.

COLANDEF complements the work of other organizations by facilitating the implementation of social development interventions in other social development sectors. 


To be a leading country-wide knowledge-based organization, with links to national and international discussions on development issues, land tenure security, gender and capacity development for the benefit of organizations in Ghana and multitudes of people in the development practice.


Community engagement, participatory methods and approaches, gender, organisational development, land administration and gender

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