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Ekta Parishad Europe is an open network of independent organisations and individuals of European countries. Its primary goal is to provide moral, political and financial support to social movements which assist deprived people to achieve control over their means of livelihood such as water, land and forest.

In particular it supports organisations like Ekta Parishad, India who work toward the empowerment of disadvantaged people by applying and advocating non-violent methods for change (for example Gandhian methods). The support can take the form of awareness raising among Europeans, fundraising, participating in activities on site and supporting projects. Membership is defined by any active form of participation in the activities of EP Europe that is carried out in the spirit of this charter.

Members of the Ekta Europe associated organisations meet twice a year to exchange information and plan joint activities.

Ekta Europe maintains a yahoo contact group. Organisations who would like to receive the information distributed via Ekta Europe or become a member of Ekta Europe can ask to be invited to the Ekta Yahoo group by contacting: Jacques Vellut (Merci Home, Brussels): jacques@vellut.be

To get some more information about Ekta Europe, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at info@ektaeurope.org

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January, 2013

International Human Rights Day is the day to send reminders from around the world to Jairam Ramesh, India’s Minister for Rural Development, to keep the promises he made one year ago to 100 000 marchers in Agra. 

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