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The State of Amhara consists of 10 administrative zones, one special zone, 105 woredas, and 78 urban centres. Amharic is the working language of the state.


The capital city of the State of Amhara is Bahir-Dar


The Sate of Amhara is located in the north western and north central part of Ethiopia. The State shares common borders with the state of Tigray in the north, Afar in the east, Oromiya in the south, Benishangul/Gumuz in the south west, and the Republic of Sudan in the west.


The State of Amhara covers an estimated area of 170,752 square kilometres.


According to the 1994 census, the region's population was 13,834,297 of which 6,947,546 were males and 6,886,751 females. The urban residents of the State number 1,265,315 while its rural residents were 12,568,982 (90% of the total population.)

Based on the 1994 census result, of the total population of the State, 81.5% were Orthodox Christians, 18.1% Muslims, and 0.1% Protestants.

Regarding ethnic composition, the majority of the population is Amhara, which is estimated to be 91.2%. In addition, the ethnic composition includes Oromo (3%), Agew/Awi (2.7%), Kimant (1.2%), and Agew/Kamyr (1%).

Source: Ethiopian Government Portal

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