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“Observing, Analysing, Acting” under this motto Germanwatch has been engaged since 1991 for global equity and the preservation of livelihoods. The politics and economics of the North, with their global consequences, stand at the centre of our work.

The situation of marginalised people in the South form the starting point for our engagement for sustainable development. The political and globalised market structures of the North, as well as their resource-intensive mode of production, which is now being increasingly imitated, are influencing human lives worldwide.

We advocate for a political, economic and social framework which can ensure a future for the people of the South, who are being pushed to the margins of society through unbridled globalisation and whose very existence is threatened by the loss of their ecological and economic foundations of their livelihoods.

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Reports & Research
December 2014

According to the Climate Risk Index, less developed countries are generally more affected than industrialised countries. The countries affected most in 2013 were the Philippines, Cambodia and India. For the period from 1994 to 2013 Honduras, Myanmar and Haiti rank highest.

Reports & Research
October 2012

"The Global Climate Risk Index 2013 analyses to
what extent countries have been affected
by the impacts of weather-related loss events
(storms, floods, heat waves etc.). The most
recent available data from 2011 as well as for the period 1992-2011 were taken into ac-

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