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Journal of Eastern African Studies
Journal of Eastern African Studies


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The Journal of Eastern African Studies is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal covering research on the Eastern Africanregion.



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A victory in theory, loss in practice: struggles for political representation in the Lake BaringoBogoria Basin, Kenya

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February, 2016

This article addresses political rights and identity among Il Chamus of Baringo District, Kenya, a small group of agro-pastoralists related to the Maasai. It discusses an important 2006 judicial ruling from the High Court of Kenya that specified a political constituency and national representation for the community, and shows how the state and its actions undermined its implementation.

Sitting at the table: securing benefits for pastoral women from land tenure reform in Ethiopia

Journal Articles & Books
February, 2010

The pastoral areas of Ethiopia are witnessing radical change in terms of both increasingly restricted mobility and access to vital resources. A cause and consequence of such constraints has been a move toward sedentarised forms of livestock and agricultural production. This is occurring in a political and socioeconomic vacuum, in which the customary institutions responsible for resource allocation and access to land are becoming weaker, and where the Ethiopian government has yet to develop a clear policy or strategy for resource distribution and tenure security in pastoral areas.