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Community Organizations Journal of Economy and entrepreneurship
Journal of Economy and entrepreneurship
Journal of Economy and entrepreneurship

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Prof. Sergey V. Gorin


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119619, Box 562, Moscow, Russia
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Journal of Economy and entrepreneurship is an international scientific journal of independent economists.

Journal headlines: Agriculture, Macroeconomic, Regional economy, Management, Entrepreneurship, Banking, International business, etc.

ISSN 1999-2300.

Journal is issued once in 1 months (12 issues a year).

Both Russian & English articles are accepted.

Journal is indexed in Agris (profile articles in English), Russian index of scientific citing.



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Механизм формирования системы управленческого учета в агрохолдингах

Journal Articles & Books
December, 2013

Presents the main aspects of forming and operation system of management accounting in agricultural holdings. The algorithm of formation and management of expenses in plant growing is offered. It is shown that formation of the mechanism of introduction and functioning of management accounting it is interfaced to a
number of the actions affecting use of data of the accounting financial, tax, statistical, operational accounting.

Оценка уровня конкурентоспособности сельскохозяйственного предприятия

Journal Articles & Books
December, 2013

In the article the theoretical essence methods of determining the competitiveness of enterprises.
The method of assessing the level of competitiveness of enterprises based on the method of effective competi-
tion. The proposed method is useful for determining the integrated indicator of the competitiveness of agricultural

Структура системы управления земельными ресурсами с учетом эколого-экономических факторов

Journal Articles & Books
December, 2013

This article examines the land administration system with the ecological and economic factors.
Also examines the legal aspect of the land and natural resources bases in the Krasnodar region. The conclusion
is drawn that the structural control system of land resources taking into account ecology-economic factors is a
rule-making, control and supervising, allowing, jurisdictional activity of executive authorities, local governments
directed on rational use and restoration of the earth of settlements as environment component, protection of the

Институциональное регулирование ресурсосбережения в контексте устойчивого развития

Journal Articles & Books
December, 2013

The paper presents an analysis of the institutional sphere of resource saving in Ukraine in terms
of institutional, legislative and infrastructural support. Defined the problems of each direction of institutional provision
of resource saving. Proposed four directions of improvement of institutional provision of resource saving:
organizational, legislative, financial and informational. The results can be used in the development of programs,
plans and concepts of resource management at the macro level.

Logistical modeling of productivity agriproduction system in plant cultivation

Journal Articles & Books
December, 2013

Expediency of using the term “logistical model” in the system of rationalistic logistics and the term
“model of logistics” in the system of providing logistics has been grounded. Algorithmic logistical model of manag-
ing one-factor biological productivity of the agriproduction system in plant cultivation has been developed. Types
of scenarios in case of changes in price for material resources and finished agricultural produce have been de-