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LandNet Rwanda
LandNet Rwanda


LandNet is an Africa-wide network that brings together policy makers, academics and civil society (on a round table) to work on land related issues. These issues are especially related to land reform and land policy implementation, including land dispute management and mitigation. The Rwanda Chapter of LandNet Africa was officially launched on 21st September 2000.

LandNet Rwanda Chapter is the first and the only network in Rwanda that deals with land issues. It is therefore viewed by various actors as a major opportunity in Rwanda in strengthening the capacity of civil society to engage in policy issues, as the best way towards sustainable development.


The mission of LandNet Rwanda Chapter is: “to contribute to equitable and sustainable land reform through inclusive actions and processes”.


The goal of LandNet Rwanda Chapter is to build and strengthen the capacity of the Rwandan civil society to be able to engage and dialogue with Government, local leaders and donors on land policy and mainstreaming land issues in the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS) of the Government of Rwanda.




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Towards Developing a Comprehensive Implementation Framework of the Rwanda National Land Policy and Land Law

Reports & Research
October, 2006

Examines critical land issues and land related problems; the National Land Policy in the context of the national development agenda; global experiences and best practices in land reforms and implementing land policies, especially in post-conflict situations; implementation challenges; towards developing a comprehensive framework for implementing the NLP and the Organic Land Law (including a check list). Section on insights and lessons from global experiences.

Report of a Workshop on Mainstreaming Grassroots Consultations into the National Land Policy and PRSP

Reports & Research
November, 2001

Includes objectives, programme, welcome message, official opening, hopes and fears, introduction to LandNet, presentations, group work on land rights, redistribution, decentralisation, and the role of civil society, key issues, closing. The workshop endeavoured to publicise the findings of grassroots consultations on land carried out by LandNet members in order that these be incorporated into the forthcoming National Land Policy and the PRSP. Among the issues raised were insecurity and inequitable distribution and the ways in which land disputes are currently handled.

Land and Poverty in Rwanda

November, 2001

Paper for a LandNet RwandaRwanda workshop. Contains a conceptual framework on land and poverty; land attributes and the seeds of poverty including tenure issues; critical challenges to policy makers. Includes a descriptive summary of land problems from a recent university survey. Argues that land policies are fragile when mechanistically determined from the top, and need to involve the people in arbitration of disputes. Concludes that there can be no answer to poverty that does not take account of land.

Summary of and Comments on Draft Policy for National Land Reform

Reports & Research
April, 2001

Examines the draft Land Policy in depth. Provides an overview of the Policy and highlights the key areas of proposed change and their possible impact. Looks at the context, the problems addressed, the Policy framework, objectives and principles, strategic guidelines and options – land tenure, administration, the land registry, land transactions, and use and management of land.