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L.Y.P. Group
L.Y.P. Group
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#205-209, Mao Tse Toung Boulevard, Phnom Penh,

The L.Y.P Group Company Limited is one of Cambodia’s most dynamic and diversified business organizations playing a key role in the Royal Government of Cambodia’s strategy of economic diversification.

Committed to the development of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the L.Y.P Group has major investments in a number of sectors including hospitality, agriculture, real estate, infrastructure, entertainment and the media (starting in 2015).

The group started out in hospitality in the 1990s with the establishment of a number of hotels. Having made a name for itself in the local hotel industry, the L.Y.P Group then branched out into leisure and entertainment.

Since the start of its operations the L.Y.P Group has contributed significantly to the development of Cambodia’s infrastructure and agro-industries. With hundreds of millions of dollars invested, the L.Y.P Group has established roads, bridges, power generation and water purification plants across the country. The company has also been instrumental in helping to build the country’s immensely productive sugar industry.

In keeping with the Group’s strategy to facilitate economic growth and assist with the Royal Government of Cambodia’s ongoing efforts to diversify the industrial sector, the L.Y.P Group has established the Koh Kong Special Economic Zone (KKSEZ). The Group continues to welcome local and foreign direct investment from medium-sized to large multi-national companies wishing to take advantage of Cambodia’s rapid emergence as an industrial and agricultural player in the South East Asia region.


The LYP Group Of Companies’ vision is to take the lead in helping to develop Cambodia’s economy in a manner that provides value and sustainability for our customers, partners, suppliers and employees.


At the LYP Group of Companies, we believe our mission is to –

  • Create Cambodia’s most successful diversified business group
  • Promote Cambodia as an ideal place for international companies to do business by forming sustainable partnerships with reputable and respected international organisations
  • Introduce international business standards and practices to Cambodia’s working environment
  • Create jobs and opportunities for the people of the Royal Government of Cambodia



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