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NUS Press Singapore
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NUS Press publishes academic books and journals, as well as general non-fiction. Our home market is Singapore and Southeast Asia, but our books are distributed internationally. We publish books of special relevance to Southeast Asia and we maintain a disciplinary focus on the humanities and social sciences. Books and memoirs meant mostly for a general audience and to be sold in bookshops are published under our Ridge Books imprint. We publish some 30 books a year.

NUS Press currently publishes three academic journals: China: An International Journal (for the East Asian Institute at NUS), The Journal of Burma Studies(for the Center for Burma Studies, Northern Illinois University), and The Asian Bioethics Review (for the Centre for Biomedical Ethics at the National University of Singapore in collaboration with the Hastings Center Report).  We are accepting new journal proposals. Please contact us at npubox5[@] if you are interested to start a new journal. For more, see Journals.

View our catalogues on Issuu here.

The National University of Singapore Press is heir to a tradition of academic publishing in Singapore that dates back some 60 years, starting with the work of the Publishing Committee of the University of Malaya, beginning in 1954. Singapore University Press was created in 1971 as the publishing division of the University of Singapore. The University of Singapore merged with Nanyang University in 1980 to become the National University of Singapore, and in 2006 Singapore University Press was succeeded by NUS Press, bringing the name of the press in line with the name of the university.

Our publishing mission is to enable the dissemination and creation of knowledge through the publishing of scholarly and academic books; and to empower learning, innovation and enterprise for the Singapore- and Asia-focused global community. All NUS Press books must be approved by a Publishing Committee, drawn from the ranks of the academic staff at the National University of Singapore. Within NUS, the Press is positioned as a unit of NUS Enterprise. The Press is 100% owned by the National University of Singapore and is currently managed by Peter Schoppert.



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From Hill tribes to Indigenous Peoples: The localisation of a global movement in Thailand

Journal Articles & Books
January, 2019

This article presents a chronology of the growth of the concept of Indigeneity in Thailand, analysing the particular ways in which the global Indigenous movement has taken root in the country. In Thailand, transnational support networks and the opening of political associational space played key roles in facilitating the growth of, first, a regional, and later a national Indigenous movement during the 1980s and early 2000s, respectively.